No Time to Read the Trim Healthy Mama books?

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The comment I hear MOST OFTEN from fellow Trim Healthy Mamas (and coaching clients!) is that they just don't have time to read the Trim Healthy Mama book.

I think everyone could use a THM refresher (and I recommend frequently that my clients re-read the first three chapters of Trim Healthy Table for a great, concise explanation of the plan) – but not everyone has time, and I get that!

For many people, the nitty gritty details of the book don't sink in until they've read it more than once…but you don't have to make time to sit and read the whole thing.

To quote arguably the most famous internet meme of all time, “Ain't nobody got time for that!”

Why not just listen to the audiobook?

I've “read” (listened to) the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book multiple times – it's one of the reasons that I know this plan backwards and forwards!

You can get two free audiobooks with a free trial of Audible – I use my Audible subscription daily!

I listen to the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book on a regular basis, and I use my subscription to listen to other all-time favorites (like Atomic Habits) that help my daily routines that support the plan, as well.

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