THM Hydrates Back in Stock!!!

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The THM Hydrates are back in stock and I've been waiting to try them for SO LONG – they sold out almost immediately last time they were available!

I may or may not have bought several packages already (I apologize in advance if they sell out!).

I don't want to be one of “those” people – you know, the people who clear the shelves at the grocery store when there's a good deal, but I had to stock up!

I'm so excited to give these a try, and I wanted to give you a heads up to order some before they sell out!

These Hydrates packets are to be mixed with water, and have made it SO much easier for me to convince my THM Coaching Clients that they don't need Crystal Light (hard pass on the aspartame and other bad-for-you ingredients in most water flavor packets!). These are naturally sweetened and I've heard they are delicious!

You can check them out at the THM STORE now – they have:

Blue Sky Colada

Cherry Berry

Lemon Love

Orange Oasis

Variety Pack (all four flavors)

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