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May Menu for Trim Healthy Mama

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This family-friendly May Menu for Trim Healthy Mama was SO helpful for my weight loss journey, and I'm excited to share it with you! 

Here's the thing – I decided to give up MOST dairy for a month with this menu for Trim Healthy Mama. I still used butter, but I skipped those optional taco toppings and omitted the feta cheese in my favorite Mediterranean dish in this menu. And oh my goodness, those pounds that have been my closest companions for months finally started melting off! Yay! I reintroduced a little dairy again and haven't had any weight gain, but I've got to tell you that skipping the dairy made a HUGE difference for me with the menu I'm sharing today. Huge. 

Best of all, with this menu I didn't feel deprived! It was so good and filling (and my kids loved every meal) that I didn't miss the cheese a bit. 

Give it a try and please let me know if you notice any difference with this menu for Trim Healthy Mama!

When you download your menu packet below, please note that the meal names in BOLD are recipe links. You can click on those to print your recipes! Any meal names not in bold are self-explanatory, and you can just prepare it to your preference. 


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