Stay Hydrated with Coach Jen!

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Do you feel like you drink enough water?

Staying hydrated can be a challenge! Sometimes even the most committed Trim Healthy Mamas can struggle to remember to drink water!

Plus, who likes that uncomfortable, I-drank-way-too-much water feeling? Not me!

But we need to drink water! Hydration is so important – there are hormonal benefits, general health benefits, and even weight loss benefits – some studies suggest that drinking more water may increase the process your body uses to burn fat for energy (lipolysis).

I'm hosting a challenge to help you drink water every day! If you want to participate, you can sign up below! You'll get the free printable and emails to help you stay on track.

For live community support and videos for this challenge, please join my free Unofficial THM Challenge Facebook Group.

See you there!

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