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Make Lunch Easy 7 Day Challenge

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Do you ever feel even the smallest amount of stress when you're trying to figure out what to eat? I don't like having to think about food too much – one of my keys to success on THM is putting my meals on autopilot!

Breakfasts and lunches shouldn't be rushed, but they often are! A recent Trim Healthy Mama podcast recommended slowing down while you eat, and I've been trying. But I've found that the simpler I make those meals, the easier it is to stay on plan! We'll work on a meal plan routine for lunches that requires less planning and less time in the kitchen. It's going to be so great to make it that much easier to stay on plan at lunch time!

This is a 7 Day Challenge running from October 13th-October 20th. As always, I'll be emailing tips, strategies, and meal ideas as well as posting them in my Free Facebook Challenge Group. I'd love for you to join us! Sign up below to join and get your free printable!

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