November THM Challenge!

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Grab this one-week challenge calendar with simple tasks to help you build good habits for your THM journey! Grab you F R E E download! #trimhealthymama #thm

Do you ever feel like you get into a rut? Or that you need a little boost in your journey to a healthy lifestyle? 

I started creating these mini challenges to help me and my coaching clients build healthy THM habits. I have found that after almost six years of Trim Healthy Mama, keeping it simple and focusing on those small changes can make all the difference!

Here's an easy one-week challenge – I kept it simple so it doesn't feel like one more thing to do during the holiday season! You can scroll down to the bottom of this post to get a free printable version of the challenge. I keep mine on my refrigerator as a reminder for my daily task!

Here are the tasks I've put together for this challenge: 

Monday – make a meal plan

Tuesday – make an on-plan dessert (like the THM Twixter bars, or another favorite)

Wednesday – make a sipper

Thursday – Make an S breakfast or a batch of S breakfasts to portion and eat throughout the week. I like to make the Breakfast Casserole on page 238 of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

Friday – Use THM Workins or go for a walk. 

Saturday – Listen to THM podcast episode #91. 

I hope you feel encouraged after you get through this week of challenges!


Other Helpful Resources: 

2 Week THM Challenge Facebook Group (Unofficial)

Full Printable November THM Menu

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  1. Thanks so much for creating these challenges! The October challenge really helpes me get back in gear!

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