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31 Gluten-Free Trim Healthy Mama Snack Ideas!

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Over a year ago, pre-THM and Celiac Disease diagnosis for my daughter, an afternoon snack was an ice cream sandwich. Or a can of Dr. Pepper (read tips on quitting that particular habit here). Or a slice of pizza.

In other words, my less-than-stellar food choices at snack time were causing weight gain, migraines, crazy PCOS symptoms, and extreme late-afternoon fatigue.

When I read Trim Healthy Mama last April, it changed my life. I learned how to eat! And it was good food, too, so that I didn't even miss my afternoon sugar high (and subsequent crash). Even better, I discovered THM just a month after my daughter's Celiac Disease diagnosis. THM is naturally nearly all gluten-free, so I was able to learn a ton about yummy, easy, and healthy snacks and desserts.

Not only did I drop 30 pounds of stubborn baby weight that I hadn't been able to get rid of otherwise, I got rid of migraines and other health problems that had plagued me for years.

There are a lot of snack ideas in the book, but these are some of my favorites from the book and around the internet. If you're needing some new ideas, I hope this helps! This snack list goes perfectly with my 31 Days of Gluten-Free Trim Healthy Mama Meals (I'll be posting a new 31 day menu in a few weeks, so stay tuned!), and there's a free printable snack list at the bottom of this post. As an extra bonus, most of these recipes are Paleo friendly, and many can work on the Candida diet, as well (recipes with cheese should be avoided for Candida).

Pictured above:

  1. Gluten-free Cheese Crackers from Kalyn’s Kitchen (S)
  2. Roasted Chickpeas from Chow.com (I reduce the oil to 1 T to make it an E)
  3. Deli Roll-ups from Frugal in Florida (S)
  4. Chocolate Cake-Batter Protein Shake from Dashing Dish (FP) (There are MANY other delicious shakes on Dashing Dish to try!)
  5. Marcona Almonds with Rosemary from Siriously Delicious (S) – These are available pre-packaged from Trader Joe’s, also delicious, but pricey.
  6. Deviled eggs from Food.com (S)

Not Pictured:

(S Snacks)

7. Turkey, ham, or roast beef wrapped around a mozzarella stick

8. Turkey, ham, or roast beef with 1 Tablespoon cream cheese wrapped around a pickle or cucumber

9. 1 slice of turkey spread with soft cheese (my favorite is brie), with one very thinly sliced piece of green apple (a thin slice has less      than 1 carb, to keep it an S)

10. Nuts! I like almonds, cashews, or peanuts

11. Muffin in a Mug (THM Book)

12. Mini Bell Peppers stuffed with goat cheese, string cheese, or another favorite and broiled for 10 minutes

13. Veggies with Gwen’s dip mix

14. Just like wheat thins (THM Book)

15. 1 hardboiled egg

16. Peanut Butter Blizzard from Working at Homeschool

FP Snacks:

17. ¼ of a piece of grilled chicken breast

18. Lean turkey with 1 wedge laughing cow wrapped around pickle or cucumber

19. Kid-Approved Cottage Cheese Boats

20. Nighty Night Custard

21. Cottage Berry Whip (THM Book)

22. Hardboiled egg whites (this is good for a quick snack when we’re rushing out the door, because I usually have boiled eggs in the fridge, and the kids are happy to eat the yolks for me).

23. Raspberry Smoothie – from Jennifer Griffin’s Blog

24. Sliced cucumbers with a splash of vinegar, salt, and pepper

E Snacks:

25. 1 small apple spread with 1 tsp peanut butter

26. Salsa and Baked Blue Corn Chips (I can only find these at Trader Joe’s!)

27. Trim Healthy Pan Bread

28. ½ cup of black beans with a swirl of Greek yogurt and a spoonful of salsa

29. 1 piece of fruit with a light piece of cheese

30. ½ cup cottage cheese with diced oranges or another “E” fruit

31. Caramel Apple Smoothie from Sheri Graham

Here is the free printable list: Free Printable List of Snack Ideas

I've pinned the recipes with pinnable images on Pinterest HERE, but they aren't all available with images so the printable snack list might be your best bet. 🙂

There are specific ways to fit your snacks into a Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, so please read the book to make sure you choose the right snacks at the right time!

I had a lot more than 31 snacks coming to mind, so watch out for a new list of 31 snack ideas coming soon!

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