November Menu Shopping List – Week 1

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If you've been waiting for this…I'm sorry! Here's the Trim Healthy Mama shopping list for the first week of November's Menu, and here's what you need to know to use it:

  1. This list is big. Don't be intimidated, though. It's big because it includes a freezer cooking session (only about 90 minutes!) that will set you up for meals to use throughout the month and beyond. If you can't find 90 minutes, you can just cross off the freezer cooking ingredients from the list, but it definitely helps to have a stocked freezer, so I highly recommend it! But please don't stress. If you get stressed, I'll get stressed, and nobody wants that. Just remember that the shopping lists for weeks 2-4 will be much shorter. 
  2. The shopping list for week 2 should be up in the next few days (just an FYI).
  3. Please review the menu and notes for the menu before you go shopping to make sure every recipe looks good to you and check for new notes from me. 
  4. Spiders and snakes are not poisonous, like I've always thought. They are venomous. Poison is something you ingest, and venom is something that is injected, or something like that. (You don't really need to know that to use this shopping list, but my 11-year-old homeschooler told me that today and I thought it was really interesting, so I thought I'd pass it on). 

Here's your downloadable shopping list – I hope you have a great week! Download 


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