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Logic Games for Learning

This year we've noticed that we need to fill in a few gaps in our homeschool curriculum. Namely, we needed to add some logic skills. We use workbooks from Critical Thinking Co. (and we love them), but I wanted to add something extra fun, especially as the weather turns colder. Since my kids fight when they play boardgames occasionally politely disagree when engaging in family learning activities, I decided to look for fun, single player games that they can take turns playing, and I found Smart Games. 

Smart Games sells single player games that make kids think. I reached out to Smart Games, and they very kindly sent the game “IQ Candy” for us to review. This has been perfect for us, and I plan to buy more (these are going to be Christmas gifts for my kids, so if you know them, please don't tell!). We've found that this is a perfect treat for the kids who finish their schoolwork and are waiting for mom to help them with the next subject. 

IQ Candy comes with 60 challenges, and my 11 and 8 year olds are competing to get through all of the challenges. This is a little advanced for my six-year-old (the box says it's for ages 7+), but he's watched the girls and didn't do too badly on his first try. 

Logic games for kids

What I love about IQ Candy is that it's a great way to build thinking skills, and honestly, I'm ALWAYS looking for alternatives to watching TV, making messes, or any one of the many things my kids love to get into. IQ Candy is perfect for keeping minds and hands busy. 

In my 11-year-old's words: “I like IQ Candy because it's colorful and it's not too easy. It's fun to play by myself and go at my own speed. I like that the challenges get harder, too.”

I've definitely noticed an increase in ability since we've started focusing on logic, and we've definitely met our goals for logic this year so far! The pieces are colorful, the game is well-made, and now I have my eye on Smart Games' Wooden Puzzle Games to keep the little kids busy!

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  1. Hi Jen! Found your website for THM ideas, but as a homeschooling SAHM I absolutely fell in love with the rest of your site! These ideas for logic games are awesome and we will definitely be incorporating into our fun this year!

    1. Hi Erin! Thanks so much for the feedback – I’m so glad to hear you like my homeschool blog posts, as well! This game is great, and I think logic games seem to sink in more with my kids than just sticking to workbooks.

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