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Free THM Habit Tracker

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Healthy habits are the key to a healthy lifestyle!

Healthy habits are an absolutely critical part of a healthy lifestyle. Imagine eating completely on-plan without needing to put much thought into it – like brushing your teeth?

I'm living proof that habits are life-changing. I used habits to change my house from messy all the time to pretty much company-ready at any given moment. I use habits to get myself completely on-plan without cheating, increase my water intake, and exercise.

The most wonderful thing about habits is that while they take time and attention to get started, they don't require much thought at all once they are an established part of your routine!

My favorite way to build great habits is to attach them to habits I already have – for example, I already eat dinner every night, so I attached the habit of washing dishes immediately after dinner every night. Now I don't even think about it – we eat dinner, and then when the kids are doing their chores I start on the dishes. It definitely makes life easier!

Once I realized the positive impact exercise was having on my weight loss with Trim Healthy Mama, I started attaching the habit of exercise to the habit of brushing my teeth. Every morning I brush my teeth, then exercise. The two go together. It took some time to implement this, for sure, but a few months it felt wrong if I didn't exercise after my teeth were brushed.

Visually keeping track of habits is SO helpful – I've found that it definitely helps to celebrate staying on-plan as a victory!

This habit tracker is pretty handy for tracking a variety of good habits, but I do have some tips for you:

Choose one habit at a time!

I drew an “X” through the habits I wasn't working on and just focused on one at a time. Eventually I had the whole chart complete, but I waited to add a new one until I had made significant progress!

Don't start over!

If you miss a day, don't scrap the whole thing and start over. That is such a discouraging feeling! If you miss a day, you didn't fail. When we try to be perfect we often end up giving up entirely!

When you miss a day or mess up, just put an “X” on that circle and go on to the next day. Or you may choose to completely skip that circle, or just make a small mark to show that the day wasn't ideal. Whatever you choose, make sure you're focusing on your progress and your successes, and using the chart as motivation to keep moving forward!

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