On-the-Go Workout Guide

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It used to be that I would walk so much when I was traveling that I wouldn't plan to workout. But I've learned so much about the importance of building muscle – now I'm careful to be sure to get my workouts in!

Over the past few years of prioritizing lifting weights and bodyweight exercises, I've noticed a leaner abdomen, overall strength, and my smart scale (which I don't use too often!) has been showing that my body composition has changed drastically. I keep building more and more muscle, even though it's not always visible!

There are many studies out now that talk about the benefits of exercise, and I'm looking forward to maintaining strength as I age! Exercise has been shown to:

  • balance blood sugar
  • build heart health
  • decrease your risk of dimentia
  • reduce risk of some cancers, osteoporosis, and much more!

As I've worked with so many clients dealing with stubborn weight, I've seen first hand that the balanced blood sugar is one of the most helpful benefits when it comes to weight loss!

Plus, you’ll find quick instruction videos that walk you through each exercise! You'll notice that it's not me in these instruction videos – I used links to workout pros so you can see what the proper form is supposed to look like!

This Back Pocket Workout Guide is fantastic for travel, but it's also perfect for any time you're on the go! It includes video links to give you clear instruction on how to perform each exercise. Please scroll down to sign up for the free PDF! I hope you love it!

Of course, as with any exercise program, please be sure to check with your physician before you start. And since I am not a doctor, please know that nothing suggested on this website or by me on social media is intended to be construed as medical advice.



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