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Do you ever feel like you do so well on THM – until you don't?

Maybe you have to experience it to understand it, but sometimes I wake up with the best of intentions. I KNOW I'm going to kill it with my awesome eating habits that day. Until something happens – either something out of the ordinary derails my meal plan, or I just get tired and give up a little bit. I'm always disappointed in myself, because I KNOW I can do better and whatever I ate that was off-plan wasn't that enjoyable, anyway! It's never worth it, so why do I do it? 

I have some go-to suggestions for when this happens. I've learned that the most important things is for me to get into a zone of good, solid THM foods. If I don't, I'll go the other way and get into a zone of bad-for-you, off-plan foods instead! As a Certified THM Coach, I've figured out some simple steps that help me AND my clients get back into the THM Zone. 

  1. I “start over” ASAP. I'm not going to start over in three hours. I'm not going to start tomorrow, or Monday, or after my next cheat. I decide to go back on plan ASAP! I'm done cheating, it's time to start taking care of myself! I don't waste time beating myself up, I just get right to work.
  2. As soon as I'm back on plan mentally, I retrain my brain with an FP. This is a weird little trick, but I've found that the best signal to myself that I'm really back on plan with THM and fully committed is to enjoy a sipper (like Good Girl Moonshine) or an FP shake. Something about that Fuel Pull helps my body get back in the zone. 

     3. I have a full day of Deep S meals. I get some good, delicious, healthy fats in before I go back to freestyling. 

I put together a mini-guide with some of my top THM tips and a really simple one-day Deep S menu if you want to see some concrete examples in a printable format! You can download your copy below. 🙂 

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