A peek inside my Trim Healthy Kitchen

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I consider myself a Trim Healthy Mama veteran. I started THM in December 2012 (well, I tried, but I didn't really buckle down until February 2013), but I still remember what it felt like to get started. I knew that most of what was in my cabinets was not healthy, and I knew that I needed to make some huge changes to my inventory if I were going to make huge changes in my body. But once I got rid of the junk, I didn't know what to replace it with! I needed a list of Trim Healthy Mama ingredients for a trim healthy kitchen but I didn't know where to start. 

Now, I talk to many people about their journeys to health and their weight loss goals, and last year someone wrote to me and asked if I could show everyone what was in my refrigerator. It was fun, and it seemed helpful to people who seemed to struggle with what to buy, like I used to. So I decided to share my cabinets, hoping that it might help someone else! My pantry is not included, but I'll post that soon. In case you were wondering, my pantry holds drinks, canned goods, root vegetables, condiments, and my daughter with Celiac disease has a baking shelf with gluten-free ingredients. If you weren't wondering, my apologies. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure I could come up with anything more boring than listing the contents of my pantry!

Quick, before you get bored, check out my quick mini-tour of my Trim and Healthy cabinets:

Trim and Healthy drink station and baking station

These are the upper cabinets next to my oven. I have my kitchen separated into stations for efficiency (or you could consider it lazy – I keep everything in one spot so I don't have to go looking for it!), so above you'll see my baking station. Every time I do a post like this, I get multiple emails asking where I buy (fill in the blank). I went ahead and linked the products below, but if you aren't interested in the links feel free to ignore them! I just thought it would make it easier to find products you're interested in.

The left side holds almond flour, yeast (I don't use this often but I don't want to get rid of it), flax, peanut flour, coconut flour, and baking blend. Below that is a basket that holds tahini, glucomannan, and xantham gum. I rarely use glucomannan or xanthum gum, but they are there in case I need them. Then I have baking soda (baking powder is right behind it, but it's hard to see), and a little dish with all of my extracts (I usually keep maple extract, vanilla extract, orange extract, caramel extract, and almond extract on hand).

The right side of the baking station has sweetener (the containers hold Super Sweet and Gentle Sweet), and the basket has others, like Swerve, a jar of pure stevia extract, and other extras like a half-finished bag of Gentle Sweet that I couldn't fit into the container. I also have a half container of Truvia that I don't know if I'll ever use now that I've found Gentle Sweet. I keep my Just Like Brown Sugar in the bag instead of a canister because my kids really like it, and were constantly trying to get into it, but for some reason they can't get the bag open easily. When I figured this out and moved the Just Like Brown Sugar back into a bag instead of a canister, I said out loud, “You'll be safer here.” And my husband thought I was off my rocker (I so totally am). 

Below that is Collagen, Gelatin, cocoa powder (I keep refilling this canister with whatever I find on sale because the container is great, even though the original product is long gone), and a basket of joy chocolate (sorry it's blurry). I keep Lily's Baking Chips and Lily's chocolate bars in here and no one is allowed to touch it besides me. 

The lower cabinet under this baking station has a drawer (in which I keep measuring cups and spoons), and the cabinet below that holds mixing bowls, muffin tins, casserole dishes, and pie plates – basically anything I need for baking. 

Drink station in my Trim Healthy Kitchen

The next cabinet over is my beverage station. I keep my mugs and glasses in the next cabinet over, so this works well for us. On the top shelf I keep apple cider vinegar, and hidden behind that is the honey I keep for the kids. I have 5 kids. If I don't hide the honey there will be mayhem, chaos, and ruined furniture. I know this from experience. 

Next is coconut oil, behind the coconut oil is a jar of chia seeds, and next to that is our boxed/bagged tea. We keep Throat Coat tea on hand for sore throats, and the rest of the box is filled with fruit-flavored teas (it's mostly Watermelon-Lime Celestial Seasoning). 

On the bottom shelf I've got Collagen , MCT oil, protein powder (we have raw vegan protein powder is in the front, even though I'm not really using it much now – I had it for suspected food allergies) and my Jay Robb is behind that), and there's a jar of peanut butter and small containers of cocoa powder and sweetener that are hard to see behind that. I know I have duplicates from the baking station, but I do that intentionally to make it as easy as possible to make healthy drinks like THM's good girl moonshine, teas, and my favorite shakes. I have a basket of loose tea next to the protein powders. 

Just below my beverage station, I keep my blender out on my countertop. I hate cluttered counters, and I keep very few things out on them all the time, but my blender is used every single day so it's earned it's place on the counter. 

That's it! What do you keep in your cabinets to stay trim and healthy?


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  1. I’m also a homeschool THM to 5 kiddos. My question for you….do your kids eat the THM way? They probably do for meals and whatnot because if you’re like me you don’t cook multiple meals for the fam. Other than that…how do you feed everyone all the time THM? I’m so overwhelmed with the prep work it takes and how everything needs to be made from scratch. We’ve made a lot of changes but I just can’t get rid of the convenience fillers like store bought bars, etc. especially snacks. I have 2 teenagers who eat me out of house and home. I can go to great trouble to make THM bread or something and it’s gone in two shakes. One of my 4 year old twins was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and not spiking blood sugar is now more important than ever for the whole family. Just curious how other large families pull it off…

    1. Hi Andrea! My kids eat the THM way 90% of the time, with the exception of some snacks like chips. I buy tons of eggs to boil, apples, oranges, and big bags of $3 tortilla chips from Costco for snacks for them. We make everyone eat the same thing for breakfast to reduce messes and expense, and we eat things like THM granola from the cookbook (surprisingly cheap), lots of scrambled eggs and bulk turkey sausage, or the baked blueberry pancake in the THM book tastes great and feeds the whole family. It’s an E, but I add stevia-sweetened whipped cream for the kids to make it a crossover and I eat mine plain (still very yummy), and leftovers make good snacks. I make two batches of protein shakes once or twice a week, too, only the batch for me and my husband uses almond milk and I use raw milk for the kids. I usually make a ton extra at dinner to last for leftovers the next day, or we make a big pot of soup or a salad for lunch. One of their favorite things right now is quinoa pasta with butter and parmesan, which is a crossover, but very filling and good for them. Kids can also snack on baked potatoes (although I would add protein for a diabetic). I hope that helps a little! If I think of anything else I’ll add it here.

    1. Separating things is a great idea! That would especially make it easier on my husband, who still gets confused about what’s OK to eat on plan and what’s not OK.

  2. Thanks, Jen! I’m in the process of doing this now. This was inspiring. ? Of course, I’ve already purged three other rooms in the house instead of just setting up the kitchen like I need to and want to…

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