How to Eat at Home More Often

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5 No-Fail Strategies to Get Dinner on the Table (even when you're busy, tired, or just aren't feeling it!)

Raise your hand if sometimes you're too tired to cook. Now raise your hand if you feel like you're too busy, or often find yourself out of the house at meal times. OK, now how about if you just don't feel like cooking, or don't feel like eating what you planned to eat? 

I raised my hand for all three questions. Both of my hands. And since I was the one asking and answering my own questions, it was pretty dorky and embarrassing (fortunately my kids didn't see, they would have teased me). 

If you've found yourself eating out more often than you'd like, or struggling to get dinner on the table some nights, this class is for you! After getting many, MANY requests to teach my strategy behind eating every meal at home (unless we have PLANNED to eat out), I put this free class together to show others how to eat at home more. 

In this class, I'll show you:

  • How to reduce meal time work by up to 70% for those nights that you're too tired to cook.
  • 5 simple strategies to get dinner on the table when you're too busy to cook.
  • A plan to save dinner when you've forgotten to thaw meat and have nothing prepared. 
  • The most common dinnertime stumbling blocks and how to overcome them. 

Join me Tuesday, May 9, at 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST! 


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