5 Minute Lunch for THM

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Quick & easy lunch for Trim Healthy Mama!

This is my new go-to, easy, 5 minute lunch.

It's nothing groundbreaking or terribly exciting. I'm going to be super honest here and tell you that my FAVORITE kinds of meals are the ones that take very little effort, like this one. A recipe that only requires you to open a jar and dump it in a pot? Sign me up!

OK, in all it's simplicity, here it is: 

  • 1 package THM Not-Naughty Noodles (or miracle noodles)
  • about 1 cup no-sugar-added marinara sauce
  • pre-made meatballs from my freezer OR a few pieces of rotisserie or other pre-cooked chicken for protein

That's it! I made a quick video to explain how I did this in just a few minutes (seriously, it couldn't be easier – just drain and rinse the noodles and toss them in a pot with meat and sauce until it's heated through). It tastes great (chewier than spaghetti, but definitely still good), it's very filling, and the weightloss benefits abound. Just be sure you get a spaghetti sauce without added sugars in it! Remember that tomatoes naturally have some sugar and carbs, so check the ingredient list!

I hope you enjoy this quick little idea. If you need some quick dinner ideas, I have a list of Quick Prep Dinners and Quick Last-Minute Dinner Ideas (in 20 Minutes or Less!)

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