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Guilt-Free Bottled Drinks

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A list of low-carb drinks that will work for a low-glycemic diet...I use these for Trim Healthy Mama, but these could work for Atkins, South Beach, and other low-glycemic diets, too! Perfect for running errands or when you're tired of water.

When I quit drinking soda, I needed a list of go-to drinks for busy days. Water is best, of course, but having a “special” drink handy definitely helped me stay on track and resist soda temptations. Now that I've been soda-free for over a year, I still drink sparkling water almost every day and enjoy one of the other drinks about every week or so. 

This a list of my favorites, just in case you get tired of water and need to switch things up a bit!

1. Perrier sparkling water (lime flavored) which is now available at Costco. I could drink five a day. I don't drink five a day, because I would go broke, but they are really satisfying and give me the soda feeling of drinking a carbonated beverage out of a cold can.

2. Zevia soda sweetened with stevia (check the ingredients, because I've read rumors of Zevia switching to Monk Fruit sweetener).

3. Bai fruit drinks. Sweetened with stevia and erythritol, these are low-glycemic life savers! They have sparkling flavors, too. They are perfect for the Trim Healthy Mama diet because they are naturally sweetened and won't spike your blood sugar.  I get these at Costco, too, for a cheaper price-per-drink than my local grocery store, and I REALLY love them. They have a yummy fruity flavor. My favorite flavor of all time is Kula Watermelon, but Costa Rica Clementine is in a close second. Unfortunately the Costco boxes only include four flavors, so I always buy mine on Amazon, because it's the best price I've found, but if you find cheaper I'd love to hear about it! 

4. Bai Bubbles  – This is the newest version of the Bai fruit drinks. Think carbonated fruit juice. I like this, but I do prefer the still version of Bai. 

4. Blue Sky Stevia Soda

5. Vitamin Water Zero

6. True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade drink packets

7. Honest Fizz soda (not pictured, my local Target just started carrying these for $6.99 per six pack, which is pretty pricey, but it's helped me to stop drinking the bad stuff so I'm willing to splurge occasionally)

8. Sobe LifeWater Zero (not pictured). I'm including a link so you can see what it looks like, but I recommend buying them at your local grocery store. My favorite flavors or Fuji Apple Pear (it tastes like apple juice to me!) and Blood Orange (which tastes like, you guessed it, orange juice). 

9. La Croix  This is a less-expensive alternative to Perrier, and not my all-time favorite, but definitely a great choice. 

If you were only going to buy one or two of these suggestions to start, I would definitely grab Bai drinks and Perrier water first.

I'd also add Stash Brand White Peach Oolong Tea to the list. It's not a bottled drink, but it's absolutely delicious! And Oolong has lots of weight loss promoting health benefits. 

Do you have any favorite drinks you'd like to add? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I just found the Obi and Wanu drinks at Sprouts. They are a bit pricey as well, but the first has probiotic benefits and the second other nutrients, plus they taste delicious. Not something for every day, but a couple times a month is more my style anyway 🙂

  2. Also the Ocean Spray Pact infused waters. Blood Orange is my favorite!! Sweetened with Erithritol!

  3. Also Twinings Cold Brew tea bags! I love the peach and the mixed Berries flavors. I keep them in my purse and add them to ice water with couple packets or Truvia. So great to stay on plan anywhere.

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