THM Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale

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Trim Healthy Mama's new cookie flavors are here!

I am so excited about these – they look delicious, and I'm hoping they don't sell out!

If you're interested in the new the new cookie flavors, you they are supposed to be available!

The new cookies are called Protein Pleasure Cookies, and they are so good! These cookies fall into the “S” category, they are sugar-free, and they come to just 2 net carbs per serving! The new flavors are Choc Choc, Cinnadoodle, and Peanut Peanut – of course these are in addition to the super yummy Chocolate Chip cookies that came out recently!

Click here to check out the single cookies available for sale: Single Protein Pleasure Cookie for $2.49

Click here to check out the six pack of cookies available for sale: Six Pack of Protein Pleasure Cookies for $13.99 (2.33 per cookie)

Trim Healthy Future is still available for pre-sale (with all of the fun bonuses, like a free 3-month THM Membership)!

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New thm milk chocolate bars!

THM's new Milk Chocolate Bars are available now! The single Milk Chocolate Bars are $1.89 each, and the five-pack of Milk Chocolate Bars are $8.99 ($1.80 per bar).

thm protein bars are on sale!

The Strawberry Baobab Bliss bars are on sale! You can get the six pack for just $12.59 – these were sold out for a really long time, so it's great to see them back in stock!

The Chocolate Brownie Fix bars are also in stock and on sale!

All THM protein powders, collagen, and gelatin, and sweeteners are on sale, too! Just about everything is supposed to be on sale, so this is a great time to stock up!

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