2 Week THM Menu & Challenge

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Sign up here to participate in our 2 Week THM Challenge! I'll provide a meal plan and shopping list to make it even easier! This month's 2 week-long menus are prep-ahead menus – meaning you'll do a cooking session to prepare ahead, and enjoy ready-to-go (or nearly ready) meals during the week! If you don't have time for a cooking session, don't worry – you can just make each meal as it comes up on the menu.

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  1. Hi Jen – I ‘signed up’ for the two week challenge, however I’me having difficulty navigating the site to download the recipes. I keep getting the ‘I’m In” invitation box. I got the e-mail to verify my enrollment, but I can’t get further. Please help. Thanks in advance for your time and reply.

  2. Hi Jen,
    I signed up for the 2 week challenge and somehow deleted the week 1 menu and recipes. I have week 2. Can you resend week 1 to me?
    Thanks so much! I really appreciate all that you do for meal planning. It’s such a blessing for me.

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