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Eating on plan with THM when you’re sick

  I’ve been eating Trim Healthy Mama style for about 18 months. I got to my goal weight after four months on plan, and I’ve maintained for another 14 months. During that time, I’ve been sick several times and at first I floundered. No crackers? No Campbell’s chicken noodle soup? I went ahead and tried…


5 things you can do at home to make a difference in Iraq

*Warning: This post contains graphic descriptions* “Crisis” is putting it mildly. My heart has been broken for the Christians in Iraq, suffering unspeakable persecution. I couldn’t bear to include some of the pictures I’ve seen, but you can easily find them online. Christian children are being murdered. 500 people were executed (some of them buried alive) on…

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Fill your freezer without a major cooking session! Healthy THM Freezer Meals

What if I told you that you could be like one of those once a month cooking super moms and have a freezer full of dinners without the major once a month cooking spree? What if I told you that it’s easier than you think? Here’s the deal: I love the concept of freezer cooking….

31 Healthy Delicious Desserts (GF, SF, THM)
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31 Healthy Delicious Desserts (GF, SF, THM)

I can have self-control. I can. Just not typically around desserts. I am the woman who will drive miles out of her way for a good cookie. Cookies are my weakness, but I don’t discriminate! Prior to Trim Healthy Mama, I wouldn’t often turn down anything that involved sugar. I’ve recognized that I make unhealthy dessert…