THM Aromatherapy Sprays are on sale for 50% off!

The CinnaMint Smell is one of our favorites, but we also love Luscious Lavender and Happy Day Citrus.

THM Collagen  is on sale!

You can get 1 pound of collagen for $17.99 or 3 pounds for $6 off!

THM Baking Blend is also on sale!

THM's Brownie FP Protein Bars are on sale for .99 cents each while supplies last!

My favorite THM Products:

THM Pristine Whey Protein Powder

Trim Healthy Mama Pristine Whey Protein Powder 

THM Super Sweet Blend

THM Gentle Sweet  

THM Gelatin

THM Chocolate Protein Powder and Strawberry Protein Powder (1 scoop + 8 oz unsweetened almond milk = super quick, delicious FP snack!)

These are fabulous deals while supplies last!