Meal Plan 2

Meal Plan 1

Protein Boxes

Goal Setting for THM Workbooks

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas (low prep time)

Hangry Pockets ( S, E or FP ) p. 320 Trim Healthy Table

Stupid Simple Zucchini Alfredo (Fp) P.309 Trim Healthy Table

Crockpot Carnitas (I sub orange Bai for the orange in this, but if you don't have any tortillas adding the whole orange will be OK since the carbs per serving are low)

Quick Chili

One Pan Mexican Skillet

Baked Potato Bars, Sweet Potato Bars (FP ingredients for you, S ingredients for the family as crossovers)

Quick and Easy Meal Plan (for last minute meal ideas)

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Pizza Ideas

Keto Pizza Crust (20 Minutes) (S)

Domino's Style Keto Pizza (S)

Fathead Pizza Crust (S) this is my favorite!