A guide to help you quit soda for good! This is just what I needed! It has a Challenge Master Worksheet, daily mini-challenges, printable high-protein snack ideas checklist, What to Do Instead worksheet, links to a curated list of healthy soda replacement ideas, and tons more!

Have you struggled to quit drinking soda? Are you ready to make some positive, lasting changes in your health and in your life?

My Paleo and Trim Healthy Mama attempts were awesome until I realized that I was ruining my new healthy eating habits by drinking soda! I tried to quit so many times, but I could never make it more than two weeks without caving in. I finally figured out how to successfully quit drinking soda forever, and I put this resource together to help you reach your goal of being soda-free. 

The Quit Soda 21-Day Challenge Companion Guide is here to help you quit soda for good!

For the cost of just a few of the sodas you’ve decided to give up, you can take the 21-Day Quit Soda Challenge to the next level and get serious about quitting for good. This Companion Guide can be used along with the free 21-day e-mail challenge, or this Companion Guide can be used to complete your 21 day challenge at your own pace. 

This digital download includes:

  • 21-Day Challenge Master Worksheet
  • Daily mini-challenges
  • Printable high-protein snack ideas checklist
  • What to Do Instead worksheet
  • Links to a curated list of soda replacement ideas
  • What to do after the 21 days are over

Ordering now will include a special bonus – Free Cheater’s Worksheet to help you get back on track if you slip up (just in case).

Please read the Terms & Conditions here. 

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