I am so excited to be working with you for the next year!

If you've completed all of your forms for the previous bootcamp you don't have to worry about filling them out again. Please check thewellplannedkitchen.com/bootcamp for dates of the next session! You don't have to complete the forms again.

It is updated monthly so you'll be able to see info for the new bootcamp when each previous bootcamp is close to completion. I'll send you a link to the next Six Week Bootcamp by midnight the night before each group starts!

Bite Club is the newer way to experience year-round Trim Healthy Mama helps, videos, tips, and challenges. Live sessions will all be hosted there, and you can access new printables, mini prep sessions, and lots more!

Please note that if you have questions or food journals, feedback is only provided by me through the regular six week bootcamps that begin every 6-8 weeks. Bite Club provides new content for you to consume, but personal interactions and coaching all occur through the regular six week bootcamps.

The Advanced Group is ONLY to access previous live coaching sessions in the video library, or past content. You are free to download/save/use anything there, but the group is NOT monitored by me and there is NO coaching available in the Advanced Group. The Advanced Group is only for accessing older content, but there is a wealth of information to be found by clicking “Events” and “Past”!

Please remember that everything posted in these private groups is for your personal use only. 🙂

You can schedule your mini monthly coaching call here to get started: https://calendly.com/thmcoachingwithjen/10-minute-phone-call-with-coach-jen

And you can gain immediate access to the Advanced Group and Bite Club through these links:

See you in the next group!

❤️ Jen