I've put together an Amazon Store with my associate's account that includes two categories – 

One is the “Must Haves” (in my opinion) to get started with THM. Now, please remember – you could get the book at the library, you could get a much cheaper protein powder, you could use your old blender, or get one at a garage sale, or any number of things! These are my favorite things, but I definitely couldn't afford to buy them all at once. 

The second category (which you can see at the top of the sidebar on the store below) is what I bought AFTER I had the essentials in the “Must Haves” category – these are my favorite items for THM (mostly food items) and things that you absolutely don't have to have to live a low-glycemic lifestyle, but they definitely help me! 

Many of these items are also available at The Trim Healthy Mama Store, so I always check there to see which website is cheaper before buying.


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