If you just haven't gotten where you want to go with Trim Healthy Mama, I can help!

I offer coaching in a group setting online, with additional one-on-one attention to help you customize the plan to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

Power Up Your Trim Healthy Mama Journey by joining the Six Week Bootcamp run by Certified THM Lifestyle Coach Jen.

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“Jen has been VERY supportive. She has offered lots of helpful suggestions, provided tools to help me be successful and stay on plan and has held me accountable with homework assignments and just checking in to make sure that i am ok. I feel she provided me with the tools I need to lose weight as well as the tools and strategies to be organized and plan ahead so that this can now be my lifestyle, not just a diet.”
– Michelle | Coaching Client

In Bootcamp with Coach Jen you'll learn:

  • How to stop cheating and going off-plan
  • How to get back on plan if you do fall off the wagon
  • How to meal plan on THM, even if you don't like following a meal plan
  • How to set yourself up for long-term success
  • What to prepare ahead (and what to skip!) to make your days easier
  • Last-minute on-plan meals to keep you eating well even if you have no time
  • How to portion your plate for the best results and how often to eat
  • How to shed stubborn weight and break through a weight loss stall
  • Tips, hacks, and habits to make THM your easiest option at all times

Get the help you need for THM, at the pace you need to make it sustainable for life. 

Sign up today and get: 

  • Coaching materials delivered entirely online to fit into your active lifestyle. 
  • Weekly live coaching sessions
  • A one-on-one phone call with your Certified THM Lifestyle Coach (me!)
  • Daily Accountability
  • Food journal reviews
  • Meal plans
  • Hundreds of meal ideas
  • THM-friendly eating guides
  • Printable resources
  • And a small community of other bootcampers just waiting to cheer you on!

“I sat down and off the top of my head came up with a list of 16 things I learned from Jen; whether it was how I was doing the plan wrong, how I could do the plan better, things I had forgotten that I needed to be reminded of, ways to brainstorm solutions for personal obstacles and just plain encouragement to keep going! I had gone 2.5 years without losing a pound, but didn't want to quit THM because of the improvement of my overall health. During our 6 week coaching time I lost 3 pounds and lost 4 inches and regained the support of my husband. Ecstastic!”
– Kim | Coaching Client

Six weeks of support and coaching for your Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle

Normally $245, sign up today for just $160!

Class starts November 14 and it's already nearly full!
P.S. – these classes ALWAYS sell out, so you may want to reserve your spot now!

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