Part 1 – Organizing Your Week! Includes inspirational book recommendations, tips for organizing your week, and free printables!

Part 2 – Organizing Your Meal Planning! Includes a free, 2 week Trim Healthy Mama Menu with shopping lists, plus a free blank printable menu. 

Part 3 – Organizing Your Errands for maximum efficiency! Includes a free printable Trim Healthy Mama Trader Joe's shopping list. 

Part 4 – Organizing Your Time in the Kitchen! Includes details of my Trim Healthy Mama freezer cooking session for 24 healthy meals in the freezer! Includes printable shopping lists, blank printable freezer inventory sheet, and kitchen checklist to keep your kitchen organized! 

Part 5 – Organizing Your Cleaning Schedule! Includes LOTS of free cleaning checklists, chore checklists, and more!