Hello there, and welcome! I'm so excited to start this 6 week online coaching program with you! 

Step One: Please complete this form:

Online Form Link: >>>>Trim Healthy Mama Release for Coach Jen <<<<

Important Note: It takes quite some time for me to process these forms, send the relevant information to Trim Healthy Mama, and make my notes for your Bootcamp experience. When you send these forms (and thanks for filling them out!) I will reach out to you if I see any problems!

If your form is completed, you'll receive a link to join Bootcamp by midnight the day before Bootcamp begins (you can see the Bootcamp start date below). The emailed link to join will come from Mighty Networks, thewellplannedkitchen@gmail.com, coaching@thewellplannedkitchen.com, or workingathomeschool@gmail.com. Please watch carefully for this email!

If the forms below do not allow you to fill them out, please send an email to thmcoaching@thewellplannedkitchen.com with “Forms” in the subject line. I will then email a direct invitation to the forms to you so you can complete them or instructions to help you get started. If this happens I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. 

Step Two: If you haven't yet downloaded your Bootcamp Welcome Packet, you can get it here:

Some need extra help, or want to clearly outline their goals and path forward one on one.
>>If you'd like to boost your Bootcamp with a 1-on-1 30 minute phone call, you can click here

If you're registering late, it's OK! But it takes some time for me to process your paperwork. Trim Healthy Mama requires the form below.

If you'd like to review a copy of the Terms and Conditions you had to agree to before payment, you can do so here: Coaching Agreement and Terms and Conditions

Optional – THM Sleuth Form – this is very useful for me as a coach, but it's optional! If you'd like to, please print this form and email your completed copy to thmcoaching@thewellplannedkitchen.com

**Please save all of your measurements when you complete the THM SLEUTH FORM! I encrypt and archive these forms shortly after Bootcamp begins and use my notes for your file instead. You will want these measurements so please save them on your own! 🙂

Here are some dates you'll need to keep in mind for this THM Bootcamp:

– You will receive your link to join the Bootcamp Network before midnight MST the day before Bootcamp starts. The night before, please watch for an email inviting you to join Bootcamp! The email will come from coaching@thewellplannedkitchen.com, thewellplannedkitchen@gmail.com, or workingathomeschool@gmail.com. Or you may receive an email from Mighty Networks.

The dates below are subject to change depending on internet issues!

You can watch the replays of the live coaching sessions anytime that you are available! You won't be missing anything if you aren't available for the live sessions. To access these sessions, once you receive your link to join you can go to the “Events” tab for upcoming events. If you go to “Events” and then click “Past” you can see previous sessions.

**Links to join are emailed by midnight MST the night before Bootcamp begins**

Week 1 – Coaching Session #1 is April 23rd at 11am MST

Week 2 – Coaching Session #2 is April 30th at 11am MST

Week 3 – Coaching Session #3 is May 7th at 11am MST

Week 4 – Coaching Session #4 is May 14th at 11am MST

Week 5 – Coaching Session #5 is May 21st at 11am MST

Week 6 – Coaching Session #6 is May 28th at 11am MST

If you can't make it to any of the sessions, don't worry – you can replay them at any time! In addition to the coaching sessions, we'll have plenty of daily interaction in the Bootcamp Network!

Below are some extra forms that you might like to use for your own personal reference!

THM Journey Notes THM Journey - Before THM Journey - Progress

I'll be watching for your forms! Please keep an eye out for the email with your special link to join the Network for Bootcamp by midnight MST the night before our starting date!