Hello there, and welcome! I'm so excited to start this journey with you!

Here are some dates you'll need to keep in mind for this 30 Days ALL IN Online Coaching Session:

– Please submit the paperwork linked below as soon as possible. I will process it and get you added to the group by May 30, as long as your paperwork is complete and you've requested to join the Facebook group linked below.

– The 30 Days ALL IN Group will last for 30 days (from June 1 – June 30) – if you are a little late getting in, don't worry – you'll still get all of the help and information! 

Please complete the three forms below – if you fill them out on the PDF filler where they are hosted, I will get your answers! If for some reason you have any trouble, you can always print them, fill them out, and email them to coaching@thewellplannedkitchen.com.

Release of Liability for TheWellPlannedKitchen.com

THM Sleuth Form

Release of Liability for Trim Healthy Mama

(This food journal is a place for you to keep a record of what you are eating). 

I'll need those first three documents back before you request to join the Secret Facebook Group. Please request to join the private Facebook group here. This group is very important! This is where our daily check-ins will take place, and ALL of the information you need to participate will be posted here.

Once those documents are complete, and you've requested to join the Facebook group, you can expect to be added to the Facebook Group before the 1st of the month (that will give me time to review your documents!).

Below are some forms that you may find helpful. There's no rush on these, but I highly recommend printing them and having them handy before week 2.

THM Food Journal THM Journey Notes THM Journey - Before THM Journey - Progress

I'll be watching for your forms, and we'll be chatting a bit in the Facebook group soon! See you there!