Woohoo! You're in! Thank you for taking this step and trusting me to help you on your Trim Healthy Journey!

To get started, please find me on the Voxer app at https://web.voxer.com/u/thmcoachj

You can find me on the Ate App with codeGDBC-0VR8.

If you haven't already paid, there are a few payment options available:

I require a $75 deposit to hold your spot, but you can pay the full amount now, if you'd like to, or use the payment plan option to split the payments up. If you'd prefer to pay the deposit, the balance is due before our start date.

Here are the links for the payment options:

$75 Deposit
$350 Balance (please only use this option if you have already paid the $75 deposit)

$425 Pay in Full or Payment Plan Option


 I ask that you log everything you eat on the Ate App, and I will be tracking it with my Tracking Sheet for you. I will not respond to your food journals on Ate every day, but I'm looking closely for patterns and changes. You can ask any questions you want on Voxer App! I'm available Monday-Friday from 8am – 6pm MST,  so if you send something outside of those hours I'll respond as soon as I turn that phone back on. 

We'll begin chatting on your start date, and I'll also give you some more direct feedback as you need it. 🙂

It would be very helpful if you could schedule out six weeks of check-in times on my calendar for our time together: https://calendly.com/thmcoachingwithjen/10-minute-mini-check-in-with-coach-jen-clone

If you have a few minutes, it would help a lot if you could complete one of THM's sleuth forms below. Once complete, please email it to me at thewellplannedkitchen@gmail.com Thank you so much – I'm excited to get started!