9 Quick and Effective Exercise Programs for Busy Moms

      I’m the first to admit that it’s hard to find time to workout. Between working from home, homeschool, toddlers, teething, cleaning the house, and cooking meals I barely have time to sit down. To make it harder, I had been firmly in the “too busy/tired/stressed/unmotivated to work out” camp for years. I’d…

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A Stress-Free Approach to Scheduling Your Homeschool Year

If you homeschool, you’ve probably fallen behind at some point. If you’re a working-from-home homeschool mom like me, you’ve probably fallen way behind. Seriously behind. The kind of behind that makes you want to cry, hide, and panic. Not necessarily in that order.

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A simple way to organize clothes – save time in the morning, organize the closet, and keep clothes off the floor!

Does anyone else have kids who throw clean clothes on the floor? Please say it’s not just mine. My oldest is capable of doing her laundry, but I often scoop up an armful of clothes from my girls’ room if I’m on my way to the washing machine. And every time I’m loading the clothes…