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Creating a Homeschool Routine that works for you!

    One of the most frequent questions I get is about our daily routine. I’ve shared some about this before in my “Every Mom’s Guide to Getting Organized” series, but as I continue to get questions about how we work My Father’s World into our days, I thought I’d get a little more specific…

New Year, New You…A New Series on Getting Organized!
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New Year, New You…A New Series on Getting Organized!

There are TONS of areas in our lives that need organization. As a working from home, homeschooling mom, I’m always looking for resources and ideas to get organized. What better time than a new year to reset your priorities, get motivated, and address those areas of your life that feel out of control? I am excited to…

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A Stress-Free Approach to Scheduling Your Homeschool Year

If you homeschool, you’ve probably fallen behind at some point. If you’re a working-from-home homeschool mom like me, you’ve probably fallen way behind. Seriously behind. The kind of behind that makes you want to cry, hide, and panic. Not necessarily in that order.